How to Survive a BTS Concert in PH – VIP Seated or VIP Standing?

This is the second post in my How to Survive a BTS Concert in PH series. Now, I’ll be sharing to you points you have to consider if you’ll go for VIP Seated or VIP Standing.


This was my view during Epilogue in Manila at VIP Standing A.

(I’m still actually trying to decide what to buy for Wings Tour and I hope writing this article would help me too. I suggest you have a pen and a paper with you as you go through this article and make a tally between VIP Standing or VIP seated each time you prefer either of the two.)

  • Money money money ya – So  Inang and Pulp have announced the official seat plan and ticket prices for the Wings Tour in Manila and I was really expecting that VIP standing and VIP seated would be priced at same rate just like how it was during Epilogue in Manila. I was so shook to know that VIP standing is cheaper than at least the VIP seating A. Just imagine, what you can do with your excess 2,000 pesos. You can already grab a gen ad (exclusive of sm ticket charges) ticket with that. Instead of going to either Day 1 or Day 2, why not both.

Personal view: I’m considering going to both days so its really tempting to go VIP standing on Day 2 and buy gen ad or upper box ticket for Day 1. But there are still so many things to consider, so let’s continue.

C7ReTO9UwAAuVLpWings Tour in Manila Official Seat Plan courtesy of Pulp Live World.

  • Team Pulp Royalty – so here’s the complicated part. Since as of the time of writing, Inang or Pulp is yet to reveal the details of Pulp Royalty, the question is, will the 15,000 pesos Pulp royalty ticket price she tweeted applies to both VIP standing and VIP seated areas?

If that is the case, for Pulp Royalty holders, VIP standing and VIP seated have technically the same price.

Some may think that its unfair for VIP standing since it seems like they will purchase the soundcheck pass for 4,500 pesos as compared to 2,500 pesos if they’ll choose VIP seating A. But I think getting Pulp Royalty is very beneficial for VIP standing holders since they will be given ‘priority’ in entering the arena. (They will be the one to enter first thus they can have better position in the standing area). If you think  the 2,000 pesos difference is worth it for having a better chance to go nearer (as in very near) to your bias, Pulp Royalty Standing Area is for you.

For the Pulp Royalty VIP Seated, you may not be as near as those in the standing area but imagine securing seats in 204, 203 or 219, or 220 using your ‘royalty powers’ and having ‘Abot-kamay’ feeling while the boys are partying on the extended stage.

Personal view: My friends and I are seriously considering the perks of the Pulp Royalty in terms of having priority seats/standing area. But we’re still weighing it. Last year, we really wanted to get Pulp Royalty since we want to the Hi Touch experience and we promised ourselves that we’ll go this year but unfortunately, there will be no more Hi Touch this year.  But I think soundcheck party would still be an awesome experience. Imagine seeing them bare faced and rehearsing. You’ll only got to see it on behind the scenes of their concert DVDs.  (But if it happen to be Hi Touch again this year, there will no more question to be asked, we’ll go Pulp Royalty for sure.)

  • In Namjoon’s voice “Is this your first time with BTS?”- you might want to consider if this is your first time going to a VIP area on a BTS concert. If last Epilogue, you went VIP standing and had a chance to be close with the boys why not try VIP seated this time to have a better view of the stage. Likewise, if you went on VIP seated or any other seat during Epilogue, why not try ‘experiencing’ VIP standing.

One of the main differences of being in VIP standing and VIP seat is your view. In VIP seated, you’ll have a better view of the whole stage. The boys are on your eye-level. You’ll appreciate more the production and the choreographs. You’re like watching a concert DVD but live. You’ll see most (if not all) of what is happening on stage. And its is very different with the VIP standing area. In VIP standing area, you’ll not only see but might also experience special moments with the boys. Just imagine them being so near to you just like this:


Picture courtesy of Jenna (@PRINCEJEONGKOOK). We were with Jenna in VIP Standing A last Epilogue in Manila.

But of course, you’ll have limited view of what is happening as a whole. It actually depends on what area are you in. (I will write a separate blog my views on each VIP standing and seating area)

TIP: If you’ll go at back of the standing area you’ll get to have a better view of the whole stage. 🙂

TIP: If you’re a bias-oriented ARMY, you better start researching where your bias usually stays.

Personal view: For me, VIP standing is worth it especially if this is your first time going on a BTS concert. Just like what I said, its an ‘experience’ rather that mere seeing them perform live. Last Epilogue, we were in VIP standing A and it was really something I’ll never forget. Seeing the boys up close was like a dream come true. Every ARMY must experience it.

With that said,  I am really thinking if I should go VIP seated this time because I have already experienced VIP standing. I want to appreciate the whole production but I am afraid that I might regret it. I honestly didn’t get that much ‘special moment’ except getting Namjoon’s ball. I was so shook the whole time that I only remember staring them blankly as if I am questioning their existence. I’m now torn between wanting to see the whole production and having more moments with them. (If Pulp Royalty was a Hi Touch, I would be perfectly fine being in VIP seated. This case would be close.)

  • Have you taken your Omega 3? – Actually this should be your foremost consideration – your health condition. Being in VIP standing really requires a lot of energy and it could really be draining. If you’re a type of person who would ‘die’ running one lap on your school oval, I suggest you to go to VIP seated instead. You don’t want to pass out during or even before the concert right? On this note, let me discuss to you what VIP standing ticket holders usually (based on my experience last Epilogue, this may be different during  Wings)  have to go through before the concert (cause great power comes great responsibility):
  • Line up for your laminated VIP floor ID – VIP standing ticket holders are usually assigned of queuing numbers. This will be your sequence when you enter the standing area.  Before the concert, you will be asked to line up to get your laminated ID showing your sequence number.

If my memory served me right, it took me 1 or 2 hours before I got our ID because the line was crazy long and I haven’t eaten my lunch yet during that time. I started lining up at 11 am (or earlier) I think.

  • Line up again for VIP Floor Line Up – so after you got your VIP floor ID, you will be asked to be at the entrance of MOA Arena hours before the show because you’ll need to line up based on your queuing number.

Epilogue in Manila was scheduled to start at 6pm but we were asked to be at the entrance between 2-4pm. So after having a quick lunch and walking around MOA Arena to get free fansite goods (yes, there were a lot of freebies given around MOA during concerts its like a fiesta).  Before 2 pm we (my friends and I)  went to Coral Way entrance and then wait until they allowed us to get in. Upon entering the lobby of MOA Arena, we lined up based on our sequence number and waited again. The door to the actual VIP floor didn’t open until 4 pm. 

  • Wait for the actual show  – The battle begins once you’re on the battlefield, the VIP floor. The tendency of everyone is to secure a good spot before the shows start so expect some pushing here and there.

Though we are given sequence numbers, we were already free to run (yes run) to the spot we want to stay. (TIP: As early as now, decide on where you want to stay. Be strategic. ) Everything was still manageable during the first few minutes. We even met some co ARMYs and now our friends (shoutout to @PRINCEJEONGKOOK and @SEOKJINOON). But as the time goes by, some were really eager to be on the front especially fansite-nims so the pushing started to intensify. Expect that there will be times you’ll be hit by fansite-nim’s enormous cameras and some could really be very aggressive to get that perfect shot. So we basically fought for our lives during the 2-hour waiting game. Imagine riding a jampacked MRT/LRT for 2 hours.

So to sum up, VIP standing really requires so much time and effort even before the actual show so you really have to consider your health condition.

Personal view: I don’t really mind going through this process again. I learned my lesson during Epilogue in Manila. I know what to do this time. 

If you really want to go for VIP standing, I really suggest that you prepare yourself physically and emotionally.

  • Are you a Jimin or a Namjoon? – because height matters if you’re in the VIP standing area. It’s really not because of your co-armys being tall but when everyone starts to use their phone to record the boys, most likely you’ll see the boys through their screen and not on stage.

Personal view: I’m not that tall too but I wish I was. HAHAHA. TIP: Try not to record everything. This is not only to respect those who cannot see the boys because you’ll probably block their view but for you to also appreciate the live performances. If you intend to record everything and just spazz while watching your fancams after the concert might as well save your money and just buy the concert DVD of BTS. Tip: If the people in front of you start to be really annoying because they block your view, report them to the nearest bouncers. 

So have you already decided if you’ll go VIP standing or VIP seated for Wings Tour? Hope this article helped you. Should you have any question regarding this, you can reach me @RoxyUnnie on twitter. Let me know too if you’ll go VIP standing or VIP seated. Help me decide. 😭