Welcome to my second post from my ‘ONE-DAY KPOP ITINERARY AROUND SEOUL’ series. ICYMI, my first post was about Seoul World Cup Stadium which the venue of the annual Dream Concert in Korea. Below is the link to my first post.


Before I go on with the details of my the next stop here is my Tip #2 and #3 when going around Seoul.

Tip #2 – If you could not read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and you don’t want to stress yourself explaining in Korean to taxi drivers where you want to go , use the train! For me, using the subway train is the most effective way to go around South Korea especially if your Korean is very limited like mine. Subway stations in Korea have signs in Chinese, Hangul and Romanized Korean. Unlike the subway stations, most bus stops’ name are in Hangul. While you can search online what bus number you have to take to go where you want to go, the signs (like what’s the next stop is) inside the buses are also in Hangul. Unless you know where exactly to stop or you can read Hangul, riding buses in Korea can be very  stressful for a foreigner. But in case of emergency, have your hotel/ guesthouse’s  (or any place you want to go)address printed on a paper with the romanized and hangul version so that if you need to take the taxi, you’ll just have to show it to the taxi driver.

My bestfriend and I just used the subway trains for this one-day kpop itinerary.

Tip# 3 – Download ‘Subway Korea’. Its a very useful app that could help you navigate through South Korea’s subway sytem. There are also printed maps of the subway systems at different stations. Make sure you have them in case something will happen to your phone.

From this post onward, I will be posting the screenshots from the Subway Korea app starting point and end point of the itinerary so that you’ll have an idea how far it is.

So now for the next stop..

YG Building –  It is located in 397-5 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu in Seoul. Hapjeong Station is just 3 stations away from World Cup Stadium Station.

  • Why visit? – If you’re a true KPOP fan, I don’t even need to explain why especially if you are a YG stan.
  • How to get to? – From Hapjeong Station Line 6 take exit 8. Unlike Seoul World Cup Stadium which is just right outside World Cup Station, you have to walk to 2-3 blocks away from the station to reach YG Building. There are so many blogs posts available online on how to get to YG building from the Hapjeong Station so i’ll skip that part but here is one which I think I read and used as reference before we went to Seoul –  How to go to YG Entertainment

19449337_10211460049635602_59190233_o (1)

Since YG Building is just near Hapjeong Station, most of the advertisements at the station are for YG artists. We visited last September 2016 so birthday ads for September YG babies Bobby and Jinwoo were up during those time.



So here’s what the soon-to-be old YG building looks like. It is soon-to-be-old because YG is currently putting up a new building just beside this for its new office which is expected to be finished in early 2019.




Beside the YG building was the old building used in Winner’s Half-Moon Friends which now taken down to give way for the new office. The kids will never see Half-Moon Friends school anyomore. 😦


I am happy that I was able to take a picture with it before it was taken down.

In front of YG building is small empty space with a wall full of vandals from fans. You can see the love of the fans through this.


There is a GS25 convenience store near YG building so if you want to dedicate your whole day waiting for your fave YG artists, you can stay there. There were few fans ‘waiting’ at GS25 when we went there even if it just I think 9 in the morning.

The new YG building will look like this.

yg building

Note: You’re not allowed to enter YG building unless you have official business with YG. This is the nearest that I can be to the entrance of YG. So near yet so far!


So next stop is Hongdae and it will be up next week! But here’s a sneak peak of what to see in Hongdae.

For now, you can tweet me @RoxyUnnie if you have any question.