5 “Practical” BTS-related Things You Can Buy

Let’s be real, “adulting” is hard but “adulting while fangirling” is way harder. As a 25-year old ARMY, I am always in constant battle if i should buy a certain BTS-related products or not. Well, most of the time, impulsive buying wins over me but fortunately BTS endorses  merchs that we can actually USE so at the end of the day I still feel hmmm less guilty splurging on them.

Recently I went to Seoul and while I was there I really took the chance to buy everything I want need, the Bangtan style.  And here is my top 5 “practical” picks in no particular order:




This is collaboration between VT Cosmetics and BTS. They have released this for quite a while now but I was not able to get it last December when I went in Seoul because it was sold out together with the VT x BTS Collagen Pact. Now, there are plenty of stocks in the VT Cosmetics shop in Myeongdong. It comes in 2 colors, black and white. I bought the white one. The kit contains the GIANT toothbrush, what they claim to be “gentle flavor” toothpaste and photocards of each members.

It actually feels weird using a jumbo toothbrush but the soft bristles of the brush did not make it hard to use (if that makes sense). Just be careful on the toothpaste. I am not sure if I am just sensitive but it is not “gentle flavor” for me.



I am an office girl and I need a pen everyday and I don’t mind using these gel pens in taking down notes while meeting with my clients or even signing documents.  These are cute! These gel pens are part of the BT21 x LINE store collaboration. All of the BT21 characters have their own version. I bought Tata, Chimmy and Van. Van is not the picture since I am actually using it. I bought mine at LINE Store in Hongdae. (Note: You have to line to get into the second floor of LINE Store where the BT21 merch are. The line starts at 11 am.)

3. W Dressroom 97 April Cotton

WDRESSROOM-97 a34258968_10214172059234147_5762041692391735296_n

Not really a BTS-endorsed product but this is the same perfume Taehyung gave to Jungkook during their Monito Game in Vlive. I saw this randomly on a shop in Myeondong and I gave it a try. It really smells like soap like how Jungkook wants. It does not give a strong manly smell but somehow a “clean scent”. This is something I would spray in my room or car.

4. BTS x PUMA Turin 


This may be my best BTS merch purchase yet! I actually did not bought this in Seoul but I used it in Seoul and in my other travels. It is light weight and really comfortable. It also surprisingly fits in any outfit – in jeans and even with a dress. I am not a big fan shoes but this is super worth it. I tried looking for a pair while in Seoul but I cannot find one anymore.

The shoes come with photocards too.



If you love sky high, sky fly, sky dope a.k.a airplanes and travelling, a good passport holder is a must! I already have a passport holder prior to going to Seoul but I was not able to refuse Chimmy.  What I love about this passport holder are the “pockets” to store entry confirmation slips. ( Is it obvious that I am trying to defend myself in purchasing this? HAHAHAHA)

There are actually new BTS/BT21 product collaborations like LG x BTS for their LG G7 ThinQ, Mediheal x BT21 face masks and Olive Young x BT21 which are released after we left Seoul (my heart is in pain but my wallet is rejoicing for that matter).

*If you are from PH and would like to have some BTS-related merch, I might go back to Seoul on August. I might open a GO for BT21 products and the upcoming Love Yourself Tour merchs! Stay tuned on my twitter account for update – @roxyunnie*