Going to South Korea could be very stressful and overwhelming especially if its your first time. As a first-timer, you would want to go to every place you could possibly visit. If you search online there are tons of places you could go to and trust me 5-6 days is not enough for you to see all of the nice places in South Korea. But if you’re kpop fangirl like me, I bet you won’t mind spending a whole entire day going to entertainment companies, going to kpop exhibits, watching kpop “concert” and shopping for kpop goodies.

I will be sharing you details on ‘how to go to’ kpop related places in Seoul which I and my bestfriend visited last September 2016 but I will also be sharing tips on how you could personalize your own itinerary.

Tip # 1 – Most of the places I would share are located in Gangnam except YG Building in Hapjeong (one station away from Hongdae station), Klive Hologram Concert in Dongdaemun and YG Republique in Myeongdong.  So we put these places either first or last especially if you’re staying in Myeondong or Hongdae because you will basically need to stay in Gangnam. It takes 15 minutes thru train to get to Gangnam from Myeongdong and and 30 minutes if you’re from Hongdae.  

The place where we stayed is ‘near’ Hongdae so if you’re staying in Hongdae this itinerary would be ‘fit’ for you.

SEOUL WORLD CUP STADIUM – This could be optional for you because we passed by this basically because the train we are riding will pass by the World Cup Stadium Station which is obviously a station leading you to Seoul World Cup Station. Once you get out of the station, you’ll see the stadium right away so why not. It is also surrounded by parks so if there are no events, its a nice place to visit to relax. This is our first stop so we arrived here very early. There is convenience store near the Stadium so we bought food there and seated in one of the benches at the park to have breakfast.

  • Why visit? – this is the venue of the annual Dream Concert, Big Bang’s 10th year Anniversary Concert, G-Dragon’s  Act III, M.O.T.T.E World Tour and SM Town Live World Tour VI. Even if you’ll not attending the said shows seeing the venue would give you the ‘feels’.
  • How to get to? – Exit no. 1 of World Cup Stadium Station in Subway Line no. 6. Just like what I’ve mentioned, you can see the stadium right away when you exit the station.



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Link to Seoul World Cup Stadium’s website is HERE.

The next stop would be YG BUILDING in Hapjeong. Hapjeong Station is just 3 stations away from Seoul World Cup Station. Details on how to get there is HERE.

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