[PHOTOS] BTS Wing Tour in Manila Experience

It’s been a year since Wings Tour in Manila so instead of sharing a detailed blog I will just share some photos and let the photos tell the stories.



For the record, I had Pulp Royalty Ticket for Day 2 ( VIP Standing E plus Soundcheck pass) but I don’t have photos during the soundcheck but they tighten the security for Day 2. They asked us to keep all our phones in our bags and leave them outside the arena during the sound check.



This is how near we were at the extended stage before the start of the concert. It was great until it lasted. Hahaha. We were able to be on the first two rows thanks to the Pulp Royalty package. PR ticket holders were given privilege to go in the arena first before the regular standing ticket holders. But still, it does not guarantee you the best position until the end of the concert. It is a battlefield.



VIP standing E was not the best place if you want to witness everything! It is far from the main stage where most of the members did their solo stages. When I decided to get VIP Standing E, I already considered this. During the Epilogue concert last 2016, I was in the pit near the main stage. I have noticed that stages with choreograph are usually done on the main stage but the interaction were on the extended stage. Last Wings Tour in Manila, I aimed for an interaction with a member so I opt for fight for my way to VIP standing E.



This is the reality of having a VIP standing ticket. It is half BTS concert half people trying to record the concert.

At this point I just took clips and few snaps and then just sang and danced at the back of the crowd and I didn’t regret it. I enjoyed it!


But what made VIP standing really worth it? This. When your bias, love of your life, say “don’t cry”.

This sums up my experience. Sorry if this is not as detailed as my previous posts. But I still more bangtan related posts coming! I am excited to share my Seoul trips last December 2017 and May 2018!






How to preserve concert tickets?

Number one rule – DO NOT LAMINATE.

Concert tickets are normally printed on heat reactive paper that turns black when exposed with too much heat like lamination and photocopying.

I personally keep my concert ticket on photo frames. This way, the concert tickets are less exposed to heat, dust and acid which accelerates fading of concert tickets.



My Big Bang concert ticket already faded even before I put it in the frame but ever since I have put it in the frame, it ‘stopped’ fading based on my observation.

Just make sure that you put your frames are located in a well-ventilated place to prevent moisture formation.

There several other ways that I saw online but I haven’t tried them yet. One is using archival spray which is normally used to preserve paintings. I tried searching how much it would cost and I saw a can costs about Php 1,000.  I still have to confirm this with local hardware and I will update this if I found one. Another one is cold lamination, instead of using heat it uses adhesive films. Its is like covering your concert ticket with adhesive tape or contact paper. I have tried this in preserving receipts needed for reimbursement at our office, but there are still receipts that faded even if covered with adhesive tape. I am not sure if this would apply to concert tickets.

How about you? Do you keep your concert tickets? How? Tweet me @RoxyUnnie or leave a comment below. Happy to hear from you.