Welcome back to my One-day KPOP Itinerary Around Seoul blog series. Sorry it took me 2 weeks to update. If you haven’t seen my other posts about this series, in this series I be sharing how to get from one KPOP spots to another around Seoul. You could visit all these places within a day.

Here are the links of the first two places I have shared:



After YG building, let’s now have a side trip to Hongdae. Hongik University Station is just one subway station from Hapjeong Station (where YG Building is near).  Hongdae is  the abbreviation of Hongik University.


It is not really advisable to visit Hongdae in the morning. Shops won’t open until 10 or 11 am and as the symbol of Korea’s youth, most of the things really happen at night in Hongdae but we visited the place for cute reason – Hello Kitty Cafe.

My bestfriend and I decided to have a quick break at Hello Kitty Cafe before continuing our KPOP itinerary.

Tip# 4: There are actually Tourist Information Centers in most tourist spots in Seoul. Its pretty hard to find people who actually speak fluent english in Korea so Tourist Information Centers are must-find. They have attendants who could help you find the places you want to go. They have complete maps and they will be happy to sketch where you are and how to get to place you want to go. When we visited Hongdae, we went to the Tourist Information Center to ask where is the Hello Kitty Cafe.

There is a Tourist Information Center near the Hongik University subway station Exit 5.

When we went to Hongdae, we really had no idea where to find the Hello Kitty Cafe so it was really helpful. We also asked where the first shop of Coffee Prince was but since its on the opposite side of Hongdae we just went to Hello Kitty Cafe.

Walking to where Hello Kitty Cafe, you can see shops, various themed-cafes, and graffiti walls. We were past 10 am and most of the shops are yet to open but you can already feel how cool the place when night time comes.


This cool “rookie” is just in front of Hello Kitty Cafe.



Graffiti in Hongdae are not crime but a form of art.


When we went in Korea, NMDs are on trend in the Philippines. We compared prices and thousand of pesos cheaper in Korea than in the Philippines plus shops looks cooler. Hahaha.


So now for Hello Kitty Cafe…


This is what Hello Kitty Cafe looks like from the outside.



I’m not really a big fan of pink and Hello Kitty but I must admit everything is so cute.


Drinks and cakes are a little expensive compared to normal cafes but hey its all Hello Kitty.



Even comfort rooms are Hello Kitty. There is also a shop where you can buy authentic Hello Kitty merchs.

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of things to do in Hongdae especially at night. So if you still have time or you are scheduled to visit Hongdae at night here are some other KPOP things I recommend you to do:

  • Visit Hongdae Playground – this is where MOBB (Mino from Winner and Bobby from iKON) did their surprise busking in Hongdae.  You can check out MOBB’s performance below here. (Just to share, they did their surprise performance on the night of our flight back to Manila. Its just sad that we were on that place a day or two before that. )


(Photo credit to trazy.com)

  • Bar hopping – aside from cafes there are a lot of bars and party place in Hongdae. Some are even owned and operated by YG entertainment (since YG is just near Hongde). You can check out NB (Noise Basement) or if you’re craving for some korean BBQ head over Samgeori Butcher where YG family usually hangs out or have after party after concerts.
  • Look for you fave korean idols – they are in every shop in Seoul and even in Hongdae! Hahaha.IMG_2013
  • Meat-ing in Hongdae – not Kpop-related but you can also visit Meat-ing restaurant in Hongdae. Its a buffet unli meat style restaurant. Its cheaper than most restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner buffet for 12,500 won per person (almost 600 pesos).


I really wish I could visit Hongdae again and watch street performances, eat korean BBQ and have some beer!

Next on my blog is my experience at Big Bang10 the Exhibition A to Z. This is my personal favorite and I hope I could update soon!




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