How to Survive a BTS Concert in PH – Things you should consider before ticket selling

Yes, the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) will be back in Manila for a 2-day concert on May – and PH ARMYs know this means war! That’s why I decided to put up some ‘survival’ tips for you based on my experience during Epilogue in Manila last July 30, 2016 and all other concerts I have attended in MOA Arena.

Disclaimer: I am not part of Pulp Live World, the official promoter of BTS’ Wings and Epilogue tour in Manila. Everything is based on my personal experience. Pulp may change the way they handle Wings tour from Epilogue.

Before the ticket selling

  • Know your ‘officials’ – you have to be informed of any updates from the ‘officials’.You have to know the basic such as the date of the concert, venue and of course the ticket prices plus the date of ticket selling a.k.a Hunger Games.So how to be updated? Follow these official accounts:

@BigHitEnt (twitter) – BigHit’s official twitter. I bet you’re familiar with @BTS_twt, the  boys’ personal twitter but you have to also follow their company’s official twitter for their schedule. For the full schedule of wings tour you can also check out BTS’ official website:

@happeesy (twitter) / @happeehour (facebook) – Inang’s official accounts.She is one of the brains behind Pulp Live World together with her husband @Vernon_Go (twitter).They spearhead major kpop concerts in the Philippines. Following Inang is a must for you to be updated. She personally answers some fans’ questions to give ‘clues’ and ‘hints’ ahead of official announcements.

But beware of fake accounts. There are reports circulating about people using Inang’s identity to scam people. Do not buy tickets unless its from SMTICKETS or PULP LIVE WORLD (for Pulp Royalty). They are not accepting reservations neither down payment as of the moment. (They were actually accepting down payments before but as of now no such promos is announced by Inang). Please be guided. Avoid transacting to anyone other than Pulp or SM tickets for tickets even if they say they have cheaper prices.

Inang and Pulp usually post FAQs before the concert. So make sure you read them too.

  • Choose your battle – since its a two-day concert, decide if you’ll go to Day 1, Day 2 or both. Aside from the money you need to spend, here are some things you might want to consider:

Day 1 

Pros  You’ll be the one to welcome the boys! You’ll be the first to know what will be the  setlist. (The boys said during the Wings  concert in Seoul that some of the songs they performed will not be performed on the other stops of the tour).

May 6 is Saturday, you’ll have time to ‘recover’ before Monday a.k.a ‘Reality’ comes.

Cons– If you’ll not attend  Day 2, then you’ll probably cry the night realizing that BTS is performing again in your country and you’re not there. It adds salt to your then recovering fangirl heart. Post concert depression (PCD) will be 10x more painful. (I felt this during OTRA Manila)

Day 2 

Pros – Artists usually get more hype during the 2nd day of the concert knowing its the last day. This was true during One direction’s OTRA tour here in Manila. BTS usually also say during their 3-day concert in Seoul that they give their all during the last day.

But based on my Epilogue experience, BTS always do their best (to be honest).

Cons – May 7 is Sunday family day and of course the day before Monday. If you are from the province, chances are you’ll be absent from work (I guess there will be no school since its May?) the next day. Or you’ll probably end up fangirling at work the next day.


Pros – Well, you get to experience both days!

Cons – You’ll have to spend extra money going back and forth MOA or if you’re from the province you’ll have to consider booking a place to stay near MOA.

Everything has their own pros and cons but I think what’s more important is that you’ll be able to see BTS’ 7 amazing boys perform live.

My friends and I are considering attending  Day 2. (But hoping I could attend Day 1 too.)

  • Choose your battalion – Team Pulp royalty? Team VIP seating or standing? Team LB? Team UB? Team Gen Ad? or Inang’s ritemed version, Team Generic?

As of the time of writing, the official seat plan for Wings Tour is yet to be posted.




UPDATE: The official seat plat is out and I am shook!

I have been to several concerts in MOA Arena and I’ve been to different areas too -from VIP standing up to the upper box area and I can say each area has its own charm.

Team Upper box – This was my view during One K Concert in Manila. This is specifically in Upper box 420A H-4.(UPDATE: This is Upper Box B per Wings Tour Seat Plan). This is the second to the last row in the upper box area so its quite far from the stage. The gen ad area was one row behind me. I was planning to get gen ad ticket the night before the concert but there were no more available gen ad ticket so I ended up buying this. But if you’ll be able to line up early for the ticket selling, you have a greater chance of having a better seat in the same area. The nearest seat to the stage in the upper box area is where the ladies in maroon and in brown shirts in the picture are seating. (UPDATE: This is upper box A already. I say the 1,000 difference is worth if you’ll be able to get the first row in upper box A. If not, just get the first row available for upper box B because it just as good. It’s all about getting that first row seats to make a difference).


Capture 2

One K Concert seat plan courtesy of All Access Production. Crossed out in the picture was my area per seat plan.

What I love in this area: The energy of fans in the upper box and gen ad area. Even if these areas are the farthest from the stage, fans here are, I think, the loudest. Most of them are the young fans so the energy is really high. Plus you can see the whole stage . I hope the Wings Tour in Manila stage is as massive as the other Wings Tour stop so team upper box and gen ad can appreciate their view more. Plus you get to appreciate the whole army bomb ocean.

What I don’t like in this area: Its too steep and really scary. I was not able to stand up during the whole concert because it was really scary. I don’t know if its just me having fear or heights or what.

Tips: If you’re planning to get gen ad or upper box tickets you better be EARLY on the day of the ticket selling because these areas are two of the ‘best sellers’ aside from the VIP tickets. Upper box tickets are usually reserved seating areas meaning you are assigned a seat so you don’t have to go early on the concert day. I am not yet really sure if gen ad and Inang’s generic area will be reserved seating or free seating which means it will be on first come first serve basis. You have  to be early on the actual day on the concert so you can choose a better seat. (UPDATE: Gen ad and Generic area are also on reserve seating basis)

Team Lower box (UPDATE: this is maybe half of VIP seating B and VIP seating C) – this is actually my favorite area. This is my view from LB 205 L-14 (UPDATE: I think this is VIP seating B) is during Big Bang’s MADE in Manila. Due to the massive stage of Big Bang it really feels that you’re near the stage.


big bang

Big Bang MADE seat plan courtesy of Pulp Live World. Crossed out in the picture was my area per seat plan.

What I love in this area: Its on a reserved seating basis too so you don’t have to go early on the day of the concert. I honestly feel that the difference in view between LB and VIP seated is not that material since LB is basically the same area as VIP seated but you’ll just have to occupy the last rows. (UPDATE: This is really interesting since, VIP seating A, B and C has material difference in prices. I say, its really a matter of getting that first row for each area. Choose your seat wisely. But every seat in this area is good. It really depends on your budget)

What I don’t like in this area:  It will give you that ‘so near yet so far feeling’ that you want to jump out that area so you can join the boys on stage. Also, good seats in this area are easily sold out. And since you’re on the either side of the arena, its hard to find out what is happening on the other side. Hello.

TIPS: Study the choreographies of BTS. Know if your bias is always on the left side or the right side. Of course, you would choose the side of the arena where your bias is usually staying. I chose the left side during MADE because TOP and G-dragon were usually on the left side. During Epilogue, I think it was Jimin, JK, and Rapmon who were always on the left side. Try also to spot empty seat in the VIP seated area. During MADE, there were VIP seats that were not sold so we moved to those seats, instant upgrade from LB to VIP seated. (UPDATE: I think everything will be sold out fast! Ticket prices in this area is cheaper than what I expected.)

Team VIP Seated – During 5sos’ Sounds Live Feels Live concert in Manila, we were in the first row of either LB 201 or LB 202. Our experience during the 5sos concert may be different in Wings Tour since 5sos didn’t have the extended stage. But the picture below can give you an idea how will it looks if BTS is on the main stage.

NOTE: Depending on the show, 202, 201, 221 and 222 areas are sometimes regarded as lower box  and sometimes VIP seated. I just realized that during the 5sos concert this was only priced as lower box but during MADE and Epilogue this were VIP seated. Maybe because 5sos didn’t have the extended stage while both MADE and Epilogue have extended stage. Maybe you can find pictures and fancams from this area during MADE and Epilogue so that you can assess what it looks like with the extended stage. (UPDATE:  202, 201, 221 and 222 are VIP seated. I saw some pictures on twitter on this area from Epilogue in Manila (which i cant share here because they are not mine) and I think its a pretty good spot too given that Wings Tour has a bigger stage. They could be nearer.




Sounds live feels live seat plan courtesy of MMI live. Crossed out in the picture was our area per seat plan.

What I love in this area: Its on a reserved seating basis so you really don’t have to fight for your life unlike in VIP standing area and you don’t have to go extra early on the concert day.

UPDATE: Check out my 2nd post regarding VIP seated vs VIP standing area.

What I don’t like in this area:  People in this area tend to stand and crowd the first rows of the area in order to go nearer the stage. VIP seated areas other than 202, 201, 222 and 221 looks nearer. I personally think LB areas feels nearer than VIP seating 202,201,222, 221.( UPDATE:  Since Wings Tour has a bigger stage and extends up to 203, 204, 220 and 2019 I think you’ll have that ‘so near’ feeling. Plus the boys will be facing you all the time.)

TIPS: Just like what I said before,know where your bias is but if you are bias wrecked all the time you might want to consider VIP seating 202, 201, 222 and 221.

I will share on a separate blog entry my thoughts and experience on VIP Standing during Epilogue in Manila. For now, I’ll let you see my view back then.

UPDATE: Post on VIP standing vs VIP seating is up!




TIPS: Before the ticket selling make sure that you already have your desired specific seat to save time when buying the ticket. Have a back up seat in mind just in case your desired seat is already taken.

Should you have any question relating to wings tour or epilogue last year, you can reach me @RoxyUnnie on twitter.