Welcome back to my One-day KPOP Itinerary Around Seoul blog series. Sorry it took me 2 weeks to update. If you haven’t seen my other posts about this series, in this series I be sharing how to get from one KPOP spots to another around Seoul. You could visit all these places within a day.

Here are the links of the first two places I have shared:



After YG building, let’s now have a side trip to Hongdae. Hongik University Station is just one subway station from Hapjeong Station (where YG Building is near).  Hongdae is  the abbreviation of Hongik University.


It is not really advisable to visit Hongdae in the morning. Shops won’t open until 10 or 11 am and as the symbol of Korea’s youth, most of the things really happen at night in Hongdae but we visited the place for cute reason – Hello Kitty Cafe.

My bestfriend and I decided to have a quick break at Hello Kitty Cafe before continuing our KPOP itinerary.

Tip# 4: There are actually Tourist Information Centers in most tourist spots in Seoul. Its pretty hard to find people who actually speak fluent english in Korea so Tourist Information Centers are must-find. They have attendants who could help you find the places you want to go. They have complete maps and they will be happy to sketch where you are and how to get to place you want to go. When we visited Hongdae, we went to the Tourist Information Center to ask where is the Hello Kitty Cafe.

There is a Tourist Information Center near the Hongik University subway station Exit 5.

When we went to Hongdae, we really had no idea where to find the Hello Kitty Cafe so it was really helpful. We also asked where the first shop of Coffee Prince was but since its on the opposite side of Hongdae we just went to Hello Kitty Cafe.

Walking to where Hello Kitty Cafe, you can see shops, various themed-cafes, and graffiti walls. We were past 10 am and most of the shops are yet to open but you can already feel how cool the place when night time comes.


This cool “rookie” is just in front of Hello Kitty Cafe.



Graffiti in Hongdae are not crime but a form of art.


When we went in Korea, NMDs are on trend in the Philippines. We compared prices and thousand of pesos cheaper in Korea than in the Philippines plus shops looks cooler. Hahaha.


So now for Hello Kitty Cafe…


This is what Hello Kitty Cafe looks like from the outside.



I’m not really a big fan of pink and Hello Kitty but I must admit everything is so cute.


Drinks and cakes are a little expensive compared to normal cafes but hey its all Hello Kitty.



Even comfort rooms are Hello Kitty. There is also a shop where you can buy authentic Hello Kitty merchs.

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of things to do in Hongdae especially at night. So if you still have time or you are scheduled to visit Hongdae at night here are some other KPOP things I recommend you to do:

  • Visit Hongdae Playground – this is where MOBB (Mino from Winner and Bobby from iKON) did their surprise busking in Hongdae.  You can check out MOBB’s performance below here. (Just to share, they did their surprise performance on the night of our flight back to Manila. Its just sad that we were on that place a day or two before that. )


(Photo credit to

  • Bar hopping – aside from cafes there are a lot of bars and party place in Hongdae. Some are even owned and operated by YG entertainment (since YG is just near Hongde). You can check out NB (Noise Basement) or if you’re craving for some korean BBQ head over Samgeori Butcher where YG family usually hangs out or have after party after concerts.
  • Look for you fave korean idols – they are in every shop in Seoul and even in Hongdae! Hahaha.IMG_2013
  • Meat-ing in Hongdae – not Kpop-related but you can also visit Meat-ing restaurant in Hongdae. Its a buffet unli meat style restaurant. Its cheaper than most restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner buffet for 12,500 won per person (almost 600 pesos).


I really wish I could visit Hongdae again and watch street performances, eat korean BBQ and have some beer!

Next on my blog is my experience at Big Bang10 the Exhibition A to Z. This is my personal favorite and I hope I could update soon!




How to preserve concert tickets?

Number one rule – DO NOT LAMINATE.

Concert tickets are normally printed on heat reactive paper that turns black when exposed with too much heat like lamination and photocopying.

I personally keep my concert ticket on photo frames. This way, the concert tickets are less exposed to heat, dust and acid which accelerates fading of concert tickets.



My Big Bang concert ticket already faded even before I put it in the frame but ever since I have put it in the frame, it ‘stopped’ fading based on my observation.

Just make sure that you put your frames are located in a well-ventilated place to prevent moisture formation.

There several other ways that I saw online but I haven’t tried them yet. One is using archival spray which is normally used to preserve paintings. I tried searching how much it would cost and I saw a can costs about Php 1,000.  I still have to confirm this with local hardware and I will update this if I found one. Another one is cold lamination, instead of using heat it uses adhesive films. Its is like covering your concert ticket with adhesive tape or contact paper. I have tried this in preserving receipts needed for reimbursement at our office, but there are still receipts that faded even if covered with adhesive tape. I am not sure if this would apply to concert tickets.

How about you? Do you keep your concert tickets? How? Tweet me @RoxyUnnie or leave a comment below. Happy to hear from you.


Welcome to my second post from my ‘ONE-DAY KPOP ITINERARY AROUND SEOUL’ series. ICYMI, my first post was about Seoul World Cup Stadium which the venue of the annual Dream Concert in Korea. Below is the link to my first post.


Before I go on with the details of my the next stop here is my Tip #2 and #3 when going around Seoul.

Tip #2 – If you could not read Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and you don’t want to stress yourself explaining in Korean to taxi drivers where you want to go , use the train! For me, using the subway train is the most effective way to go around South Korea especially if your Korean is very limited like mine. Subway stations in Korea have signs in Chinese, Hangul and Romanized Korean. Unlike the subway stations, most bus stops’ name are in Hangul. While you can search online what bus number you have to take to go where you want to go, the signs (like what’s the next stop is) inside the buses are also in Hangul. Unless you know where exactly to stop or you can read Hangul, riding buses in Korea can be very  stressful for a foreigner. But in case of emergency, have your hotel/ guesthouse’s  (or any place you want to go)address printed on a paper with the romanized and hangul version so that if you need to take the taxi, you’ll just have to show it to the taxi driver.

My bestfriend and I just used the subway trains for this one-day kpop itinerary.

Tip# 3 – Download ‘Subway Korea’. Its a very useful app that could help you navigate through South Korea’s subway sytem. There are also printed maps of the subway systems at different stations. Make sure you have them in case something will happen to your phone.

From this post onward, I will be posting the screenshots from the Subway Korea app starting point and end point of the itinerary so that you’ll have an idea how far it is.

So now for the next stop..

YG Building –  It is located in 397-5 Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu in Seoul. Hapjeong Station is just 3 stations away from World Cup Stadium Station.

  • Why visit? – If you’re a true KPOP fan, I don’t even need to explain why especially if you are a YG stan.
  • How to get to? – From Hapjeong Station Line 6 take exit 8. Unlike Seoul World Cup Stadium which is just right outside World Cup Station, you have to walk to 2-3 blocks away from the station to reach YG Building. There are so many blogs posts available online on how to get to YG building from the Hapjeong Station so i’ll skip that part but here is one which I think I read and used as reference before we went to Seoul –  How to go to YG Entertainment

19449337_10211460049635602_59190233_o (1)

Since YG Building is just near Hapjeong Station, most of the advertisements at the station are for YG artists. We visited last September 2016 so birthday ads for September YG babies Bobby and Jinwoo were up during those time.



So here’s what the soon-to-be old YG building looks like. It is soon-to-be-old because YG is currently putting up a new building just beside this for its new office which is expected to be finished in early 2019.




Beside the YG building was the old building used in Winner’s Half-Moon Friends which now taken down to give way for the new office. The kids will never see Half-Moon Friends school anyomore. 😦


I am happy that I was able to take a picture with it before it was taken down.

In front of YG building is small empty space with a wall full of vandals from fans. You can see the love of the fans through this.


There is a GS25 convenience store near YG building so if you want to dedicate your whole day waiting for your fave YG artists, you can stay there. There were few fans ‘waiting’ at GS25 when we went there even if it just I think 9 in the morning.

The new YG building will look like this.

yg building

Note: You’re not allowed to enter YG building unless you have official business with YG. This is the nearest that I can be to the entrance of YG. So near yet so far!


So next stop is Hongdae and it will be up next week! But here’s a sneak peak of what to see in Hongdae.

For now, you can tweet me @RoxyUnnie if you have any question.






Going to South Korea could be very stressful and overwhelming especially if its your first time. As a first-timer, you would want to go to every place you could possibly visit. If you search online there are tons of places you could go to and trust me 5-6 days is not enough for you to see all of the nice places in South Korea. But if you’re kpop fangirl like me, I bet you won’t mind spending a whole entire day going to entertainment companies, going to kpop exhibits, watching kpop “concert” and shopping for kpop goodies.

I will be sharing you details on ‘how to go to’ kpop related places in Seoul which I and my bestfriend visited last September 2016 but I will also be sharing tips on how you could personalize your own itinerary.

Tip # 1 – Most of the places I would share are located in Gangnam except YG Building in Hapjeong (one station away from Hongdae station), Klive Hologram Concert in Dongdaemun and YG Republique in Myeongdong.  So we put these places either first or last especially if you’re staying in Myeondong or Hongdae because you will basically need to stay in Gangnam. It takes 15 minutes thru train to get to Gangnam from Myeongdong and and 30 minutes if you’re from Hongdae.  

The place where we stayed is ‘near’ Hongdae so if you’re staying in Hongdae this itinerary would be ‘fit’ for you.

SEOUL WORLD CUP STADIUM – This could be optional for you because we passed by this basically because the train we are riding will pass by the World Cup Stadium Station which is obviously a station leading you to Seoul World Cup Station. Once you get out of the station, you’ll see the stadium right away so why not. It is also surrounded by parks so if there are no events, its a nice place to visit to relax. This is our first stop so we arrived here very early. There is convenience store near the Stadium so we bought food there and seated in one of the benches at the park to have breakfast.

  • Why visit? – this is the venue of the annual Dream Concert, Big Bang’s 10th year Anniversary Concert, G-Dragon’s  Act III, M.O.T.T.E World Tour and SM Town Live World Tour VI. Even if you’ll not attending the said shows seeing the venue would give you the ‘feels’.
  • How to get to? – Exit no. 1 of World Cup Stadium Station in Subway Line no. 6. Just like what I’ve mentioned, you can see the stadium right away when you exit the station.



*Namjoon approves*IMG_1970

Link to Seoul World Cup Stadium’s website is HERE.

The next stop would be YG BUILDING in Hapjeong. Hapjeong Station is just 3 stations away from Seoul World Cup Station. Details on how to get there is HERE.

For now, you can tweet me @RoxyUnnie if you have any question.


I just followed my heart and I ended up at concerts and Korea

I started fangirling to Super Junior around 2008 or 2009 and I was just a 4th year HS (Grade 10 ) student back then. During those times, KPOP concerts in the Philippines were near to impossible (actually even in other countries) so I had one goal – go to Korea find Super Junior.

But as hallyu spread outside Korea in 2010, new groups emerge and KPOP concerts started to be conducted in other countries including the Philippines. But I had no means to attend those concerts since most of the time they are done in Manila and that Manila is 2 hours away from my province and even if I had enough money I was pretty sure my parents won’t allow the young me to go. Yes, the typical fangirl problem. (That’s why I envy those kids today who are actually allowed by their parents to go to concerts.) College came and I literally had a hard time. School works became too demanding to the point that I had to give up ‘fangirling’. I still listen from time to time but I was not as updated as before especially towards the end of college and before the our board exams.  I would hear that Super Junior, 2ne1, Big Bang and other KPOP artists would come to the Philippines and have a concert and I could do nothing but study. So fast forward after finishing school and passing the board exams, I said to myself that I would just follow my heart do what makes me happy because why not? I deserve to be happy. Six months after being hired, it was announced that One Direction will be coming to the Philippines (not a KPOP group but I fangirled to them too) and I decided that I will watch them live no matter what!

March 21, 2015, OTRA Manila my first ever concert and it was one of the happiest day of my life. I felt that despite the struggle of getting the tickets and the price of the concert itself, it was all worth it. After that, I become a ‘regular’ concert goer.

Concerts I have attended include:

July 30, 2015 – Big Bang MADE in Manila

March 12, 2016 – 5sos’ Sounds Live Feels Live in Manila

June 24, 2016 – MTV Music Evo Manila with One Republic, APINK, Bebe Rexha, Far East Movement, JaDine and Gary ft. Gab Valenciano

July 30, 2016 – BTS’ Epilogue in Manila

And to my surprise, I never expected this, I was also able to attend MAMA 2016 in Hong Kong last December 2, 2016. I have never seen so many KPOP stars live in an event and that was so daebak. I saw NCT, Sf9, IOI (blessed to see them before they formally disbanded), Taemin of Shinee, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, Suzy, Zico, Dean, Crush, MONSTA X, GOT7, Lee Juck, Ko Sang Ji, TWICE, Eric Nam, BTS, BeWhy, Taeyon, Ailee, and EXO plus western artists like Gallant, Timbaland and Wiz Khalifa. There were also korean actors. Special mention to Park Bogum! Plus seeing one of my bias group win Daesang live was such an experience.

March 2, 2017 – One K Global Peace Concert with PSY, Shinee, CNBLue, B1A4, BAP, BTOB and AOA.

May 7, 2017 – BTS’ Wings Tour in Manila

I really wish I could watch more. I am personally looking forward to SEVENTEEN’s Diamond Edge Tour and G Dragon’s <ACT III, M.O.T.T.E> but I’m not sure if I could watch any of them.

In between those concerts, I was able to fulfill another fangirl goal of mine – go to Korea! Last September 2016, I was able to celebrate my birthday with bestfriend in South Korea!


Just like what I said on the title, I just really followed my heart and I looking back I didn’t realized that I had accomplish so much “fangirl goals”. I don’t know what I did in my past life to deserve this but it just happened. After all the sacrifice at school, I am really happy that I could finally do things I love.

My goal now is to write about my experiences and to share tips on how achieve your own fangirl goals. Nothing is really impossible as long as you put your heart on it and believing that there will be perfect timing for everything!

I don’t wanna cry but DIAMOND EDGE is coming to Manila!

I am writing this while listening to Seventeen’s latest single ‘I don’t wanna cry’ on repeat trying to hold my tears because the ticket prices for Diamond Edge in Manila is finally out!

Today, MMI live released the ticket prices for Diamond Edge in Manila happening on October 6, 2017, Friday at Mall of Asia Arena. Ticket selling will start on July 18, 2017, Tueday until supplies lasts! I suggest for everyone to grab those tickets as soon as the ticket booth/ open to have the best seat and ahem those hi touch or soundcheck perks (details below)!

Below are the ticket prices not including the 6% service charge of sm tickets:

ticket prices

But fear no more, I did the math already so here are the ticket prices with sm ticket charge which applies whether you buy your tickets online or through sm ticket booths at your desired sm malls:

VIP Package (VIP ticket+Soundcheck OR Hi Touch) –  Php 13, 250

VIP Standing- Php 11,130

Lower Box A – Php 7,950

Lower Box B – Php 5,775

Upper Box – Php 2,120

Gen Ad – Php 1,000

Hmmm so some of you are probably thinking about buying that VIP package because why not, who doesn’t want to touch the hands of the members of Seventeen or see them rehearse before the actual show! (Well, I just hope everyone attends this time. *ehem the8 and jun ehem*).   As per post of Philippine Concerts below, the first 100 VIP package buyers will get soundcheck pass while the next 500 buyers will get hi touch pass. (Oh my gosh, I go kilig every time I write or merely think about any hi-touch even though I haven’t experience it thanks to my luck.)

The VIP package will be available through SM tickets as per Ms. Rhiza.

Unsolicited opinion — I prefer the hi touch over the soundcheck!


The actual full guidelines on ticket selling including the seating plan and how things will go on the actual show is not yet released by MMI Live.  We have to take note that Diamond Edge in Manila is handled by MMI Live and not by Pulp nor AAP, the usual KPOP con promoters in the Philippines. Things might be different for MMI Live. If you happen to attend shows by MMI Live, mostly by western artists, you might have an idea now how MMI live handles concerts. MMI Live handled One Direction’s OTRA tour and 5sos’ SLFL. I have attended both and I say everything went well and organized. Upcoming shows of MMI live include Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour, In the Mix and Harry Styles’ solo tour.

For updates you can follow on Ms. Rhiza Pascua on twitter @itsarpee. She is the head of MMI live. The counter part of Ms. Hapee Sy of Pulp.

I will update this blog post once I got new updates!

If its your first time attending a concert and have no idea what seat to take you might want to check my old post about choosing a seat for BTS’ Wings Tour which also took place in MOA Arena. Click here for the link.

If you have any question just let me know @RoxyUnnie on twitter.




How to Survive a BTS Concert in PH – Tips on Ticket Selling Day

Few more days before the start of the official ticket selling day of BTS Wings Tour in Manila – and I tell you ticket selling day is as exciting as the concert day itself. It is something you have to prepare too.

So here are some tips and things to remember during the ticket selling day itself:

  • KALMA. This is the first tip. Don’t panic and be positive.
  • April 2, 2017, Sunday  is the start of the ticket selling for BTS Wings Tour in Manila. Mark your calendars. Set your alarms.
  • Tickets will be available at all SM Ticket Outlets Nationwide. Please see list below:
  • 13076667_1341541952539335_3276391349917155118_n

UPDATE: for the complete list of sm ticket outlets see link

TIP : Go to SM Tickets branches where you think there will be less people. Based on my experience, its better to go to SM tickets in the province. I bought my Epilogue ticket at SM Lipa (Batangas). I am not a PR holder but I got a pretty good queue number for VIP standing A last Epilogue (192) because we (my friends and I) were basically in 3rd in line during the ticket selling in SM Lipa. This mean I am 192nd person to enter the VIP standing area A. We manage to be atleast on the 3rd or 4th row from the main stage.


TIP: There are SM malls that has 2 or more SM Ticket counter. As early as now, know what counter to go. In SM Lipa, the counter across entrance of SM Department Store at 2nd floor sells the concert tickets (the one near the extension area).

Go to your chosen SM malls as early as possible (before opening if you can). Since there are lesser ARMYs in SM Lipa, I was still pretty early even if I arrived at SM Lipa 30 mins before the mall’s opening. During ticket selling at malls in Manila, I remember there were people who lined up hours before the mall’s opening.

SM tickets does not open until the actual mall hours. Depending on the crowd, there are malls where they ask ticket buyers to line up outside the mall (big crowd) while some simply just don’t allow the people to enter (smaller crowd) until the mall hours.

  • List down at least 3 preferred seat/sections. This is in case your desired seat/section is no longer available when you buy your tickets. Having back up seat/sections prevent you from buying random seat out of panic. If you’re buying with friends, have it agreed among yourselves to prevent discussing it while on the counter. It saves time and respects other people who are still waiting for their turn. Remember, while you’re at the counter there are other people at a different branch buying their ticket too so the more you spend time at the counter the bigger chance of losing your desired seat.

TIP: If your schedule is flexible, consider asking if your desired seat is available on either Day 1 or Day 2. 

If you’re still unsure of what seat to take, you might want to consider my blog posts below.

  • Consider online ticketing. Ticket will also be available at Though most really recommend to fall in line at your chosen SM Ticket outlets, you can also consider booking your tickets via online. Since its a two-day concert, I think can handle more online buyers. There are 2x more tickets available than last Epilogue so hopefully won’t breakdown just like what happened last year.

Though Exordium in Manila’s online ticketing was handled by, I think its still very comparable on how works. During Exordium in Manila, I tried purchasing tickets via and I had no problem. I’m not an IT expert but I think being a two-day concert lessen the traffic in the website. It didn’t crash at all. (To all the IT experts, please correct me if I am wrong. This is just my assumption based on my observation).

Sharing an input from a twitter friend (@triggeredsuho)


As much as we want to accurately predict if will crash or not there are really so many things to consider but for me, safest is to go to your nearest sm malls to buy your tickets.

TIP: Try purchasing tickets online while lining up. If your data can’t handle it while lining up, ask your trusted friends who have better connection at home to buy it online for you. Just make sure you have an open communication to avoid double buying.  

During Epilogue in Manila, we had a strategy. Me and my other friend went to SM Lipa to buy our ticket and one of our friend tried buying online. My friend had a hard time accessing the as soon as its hit 10 am (start of selling). We ended up buying it at SM ticket counter. Remember, teamwork makes dream work. Haha.

TIPS on buying ticket online:

  1. As early as now create your account. (The account name should be the same with the name of the credit card you’ll use) Log-in minutes before the ticket selling starts. As soon as you log-in at your account, there will be 30 minute countdown. Your account will be auto logged out after 30 minutes. To avoid this, go to other pages of the website, it refreshes the countdown. Familiarize yourself on how to navigate the website. ‘Try’ purchasing something for you to know what to expect when its time to buy the Wings Tour ticket. Capture.PNG

2. You need a credit card and in purchasing you need this following information:

Capture 2

TIP: Type the credit card number on a note or word so that you’ll just copy paste it here. It saves time and prevents you from entering the wrong number out of panic. 

Make sure that your credit card or your parent’s card can be used online. I once tried purchasing a plane ticket online using my card but it always fail so I had to call the bank to confirm. They said its because of EPS. This is a added security to all credit cards nowadays and you have to ask your bank to somehow ‘activate’ your card to allow it to be used online. There is no harm asking your bank (or ask your parents to confirm) if your card can be used online especially if its your first time buying online.

Once you click proceed there will be page asking you to key in the security code sent in to the card holder’s phone number so you better have your phone or your parent’s phone with you. You can also choose to send it via email if you didn’t receive the text message. I always choose to send it via email (cardholder’s email). Its faster. (YES YOU CANNOT USE YOUR PARENTS CARD WITHOUT PERMISSION BECAUSE OF THIS. HAHA)

3. You will get a claim  ticket voucher just like this if your online purchase is successful. As written, this is not yet your ticket. You still have to claim your ticket at the nearest SM ticket outlets anytime before the concert. During Epilogue in Manila, I remember someone presenting her claim ticket voucher at the counter when were claiming for our queue number for VIP standing and they didn’t accept it. She lined up for hours for the queue number but she didn’t get so please claim your tickets before the concert.Capture 3

In claiming your ticket please take note of the following:


Please check number 19 in the show FAQ if you used you parent’s credit card and they cannot claim your tickets at any SM store.


Check out Happee Sy’s official facebook account for the complete FAQs.

  • Be calm but vigilant. Some would really take advantage having their parents with them but if ever you see something ‘not right’ please approach them with all respect. And if by any chance, you’re the one thinking about taking advantage just because you have your parents with you, just don’t. Parang awa. Respect and be fair.
  • Take care of your belongings. 
  • Don’t support scalpers. If it happens that you didn’t manage to get tickets, as much as possible, don’t support scalpers. There are instances that some ARMYs can’t attend for some reason and sell their ticket before the concert, check them out on twitter but please be careful. Do not give you money as soon as they ask for it. If you need some help to check their legitimacy, you can hit me @AldayRoxanne at twitter.
  • At the counter be prepared for the following information/things:
    1. The day you want to be in. Day 1 May 6 or Day 2 May 7
    2. Seat you want. Be specific as much as possible. If your desired seat is not available anymore but you want to be in the same section, ask the sales lady at the counter to let you see the seat still available at the same section. Most ticket counters have screens facing the customers to let them see the details of the ticket they are buying. Wag mahihiyang magtanong. 🙂
    3. Your money – give exact amount as much as possible.
    4. Your credit card/parent’s credit card – if it’s yours, be prepared with your valid ID, if its your parent’s be sure your parent is with you. He or she needs to sign it.

Should you need clarification or tips, you can reach me at @RoxyUnnie at twitter. Will be happy to help. See you all.